Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trev says the darndest things... his sleep! The other night I woke up at about 1:30 to him yelling "Star Wars!" As if that wasn't funny enough, about 5 seconds later he said, "Got 'im!" After laughing out loud, I stayed awake for a moment hoping he might say something else, but he just started breathing like Darth Vader like he usually does in his sleep. :) Actually, he rarely snores unless he has a bad cold. When I asked him about it in the morning, he couldn't remember dreaming about Star Wars, but he did think it was pretty funny. I told a few of my classes that day and they thought it was hilarious. One student asked if he was a Star Wars "nerd."
This week Trevor had a few really late nights. I went to bed at 11 on Monday when he still had several hours of papers to correct for the class he TAs. When I tried to wake him up the next morning, he seemed really defensive. I asked him if he was tired and he said, "No!" with a teen-age 'what a stupid question' tone. So I asked how late he stayed up and he responded, "As late as I wanted to!" Napoleon-Dynamite style. I asked how late again and he replied, "6:30." Since it WAS 6:30 right then, and he usually is a little sweeter when I wake him up in the morning, I realized he was talking in his sleep. When he was really awake 30 seconds later, he couldn't remember any of it. Pretty entertaining!
I'm sorry I'm so inconsistent in my blogging. I can't access any blogs at my school (the internet blocks it) and Trevor usually uses the internet at home while he is doing homework in the evenings, but I'll try to blog more often. Everything is going well with my pregnancy and our baby girl seems to be doing well. She moves around a lot and has had the hiccups several times in the last week (actually, she has them right now). My principal predicts that I'll go through the entire school year without having the baby (the last day of school is May 30 and she's due May 28) but one of the teachers thinks she'll arrive early. I'm okay with her coming early as long as she comes after May 17- that's my students' competition at Lagoon, and I don't know what I'll do if I can't be there to conduct them. My school administration is in the process of hiring my replacement for next year right now, so hopefully the new teacher will be prepared to step in whenever this baby girl decides she's ready.