Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can we freeze time?

Just for a little while?  Please?

My baby boy will be one year old next week!  Some days I want him to be my baby forever.  He loves to cuddle, and I never want him to grow out of it!  Benson has four teeth on the bottom of his mouth, and both of his top front teeth are coming in now.  One just broke through a few days ago.  He also took his first steps a few weeks ago!  We sort of forced it upon him by making him stand up in the middle of a room and getting out of his reach so he had to try taking steps.  He can stand without holding on to anything for a full minute, but lately he has been chickening out and sitting down instead of walking.  He still can't stand himself up without holding on to something, so he's not "officially" walking yet.  A few weeks ago, I got sick enough that I couldn't keep any food down, and I lost my milk supply, so I stopped nursing Benson.  I'm a little sad that I didn't get to wean him on my own terms, but it is nice to have my body to myself again.  The problem is that he won't drink from a bottle or sippy cup!  He used to drink from a bottle fairly frequently before we moved, but it's almost as though he has forgotten how to suck.  He will play with a bottle, chew on it, and drink whatever drips in his mouth, but he won't suck.  (He will suck on his pacifier...)  We are spoon-feeding him liquids now so that he doesn't get dehydrated, but it takes so long.  Any ideas from you amazing mommies out there?

Here is a video of our walking wonder:
Sometimes Cassie looks so grown-up to me.  When did she become a little girl?  She is a wonderful helper with Benson.  She loves to "read" books.  She recently learned how to write her name, and lately she has been trying to write the whole alphabet.  According to Cassie, the mark of a good skirt is how much it "spins up."  I received some compliments on Cassie's dancing skills from the Primary presidency today; she likes to stand up and spin during Sharing Time and Singing Time in her Sunday dresses. :) Cassie also likes to talk like a baby.  It's probably my fault for using baby talk with Benson...but it still drives me crazy.  Nearly every time she speaks I have to ask her, "Are you a baby?  Talk like a Cassie, please."  Our new library has an awesome movie collection, so we've checked out some classic Disney movies lately.  Cassie loves (loves!) Mary Poppins and has most of the lyrics to the songs memorized...sort of ("if you say it loud enough, you'll always sound mecocious!").  We also have a Disney song book, so she is familiar with a lot of Disney music just from hearing me sing.  Some Cassie versions of lyrics from our Disney song book: "Look for the bare necessities, the simple barren recipes..." and "Go on, unfold your men and take a glance and then you'll be our guest, be our guest, be our guest!"

They just started building the house next-door to us.  Cassie loves sitting on the window sill and watching the men work.  I took this picture when they started digging the hole for the foundation.  If it looks like it is very close to our house, that's because it is.  We have a teeny lot. :(

We had my niece, Lexi over for a sleepover.  She and Cassie are 20 months apart, but they still play so well together!  Here they are watching Cinderella.