Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh boy, I've got Joy!

Cassie started Joy School in September with a few of the children from our playgroup last year and one new friend.  The other moms and I take turns teaching the group.  I really like that the curriculum is focused on discovering "joys," or learning about the amazing characteristics of our bodies and the earth, and learning good values. The lessons are tailored very well to the kids' level, and are very easy to teach as a mother.  I don't stress about how I'm going to fill the time or how destructive the kids will be while they play.  The lesson plans are very organized and varied.  Cassie loves going to Joy School, and I know she is learning because she frequently asks me questions about the topics that are covered.  I adore listening to Cassie sing all of the songs they learn.  After the first week of lessons, I played the CD that corresponded with those lessons and was totally thrilled and surprised to watch Cassie sing along and do the actions.  I admit, I got teary-eyed.  Besides being totally adorable, it made me realize that my baby is growing up: she can remember a tune, lyrics and actions after only a few repetitions. That's my girl. :)

Our family's first ever "First day of school" photo!

All four kiddos 

Painting!  They were all so excited about their watercolors. 

 When I ask what her favorite part of Joy School is, Cassie always replies "free play time!"  Folks, I'm going to have a kid whose favorite part of school is recess. :)

Stringing Cheerio necklaces.  They were very focused.

The sad part is that we'll have to say goodbye in December!  Even if we can find a new group of Joy School-ers when we move, we will be so sad to leave Cassie's little friends.  She really has grown attached to them, and I love that she has made friends with such good kids.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Growing...and growing...

In the last month, our house has gone from this:

to this:

to this:

to this!

We get an itchin' about once a week to go see what's happening with the construction.  It is so exciting to see things progressing quickly!  They keep telling us we'll be in before Christmas, but we're trying not to hold our breath.
More great news: we met our next-door neighbors and there really couldn't be a friendlier family.  They saw us stalking our house a few weeks ago and came outside to meet us.  They will be great neighbors, and Cassie and Benson will love playing with their two children that are about the same age!  Stephanie, the wife, offered to call me whenever something exciting was happening with the construction so we would know when to drive out to see the progress.  Nice, right?  Hooray for great neighbors.
Details to come about the upgrades we chose...