Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So far

Well, it's still a work in progress, but I thought I would (finally) share pictures of our house, with a little commentary, too.

The finished product:

Come on in!

Presenting our new couch!  (Next on our list of things to buy: a big, shaggy rug)

Also on our list: a photo of the temple to go above the fireplace.  I asked my super talented and artistic sister-in-law, Becky, to take a picture of the Salt Lake or Bountiful temple for us (something a little artsy, you know?).  I'm excited to have a unique, meaningful piece of artwork.

Aaaand a new entertainment center.  I'd love to re-purpose an old dresser, if I can find one at a garage sale or D.I. this summer.  Bring on the DIY projects!

Eventually, I want to replace the dining room light, as well...the pewter looks a little out of place with the rest of our decor.

And the kitchen.  Oh, how I love my kitchen.  I'm not sure if there's enough space above the cabinets to decorate.  Any thoughts?

This is the hallway that leads to the garage.  The open door is the half bath, and the doors on the right are the stairs to the basement and a coat closet.

The half bath:

And now, heading upstairs:

Here's a view of the hallway from the top of the stairs.  This picture only shows the laundry room and bathroom doors, but the first door on the right is Benson's room.'s pretty sparse.  Like I said, it's a work in progress.

He has a nice walk-in closet.  You know, for his expansive wardrobe.

Next on the tour: Cassie's room!  

Obviously, in here we're in need of a twin bed frame and headboard.

Cassie arranged her stuffed animals on the bookshelf.  Very nice, eh?

The kids' bathroom:

The laundry room:  (As you can see, we bought a washer and dryer.  We got them at a little family business where the husband fixes up used appliances.)

Our very bare master bedroom: (So many possibilities!)

Master bath and closet:

From the closet, looking back into the bedroom, so you can get the lay of the land.

The fourth bedroom/office/play room/guest room:

We love, love, love it here!  I had such high expectations before moving in that I was worried they were too high and I would be disappointed.  Ha!  I love the thick carpet, I love the pull-out sprayer faucet in the kitchen, I love that Cassie can jump all she wants, I love bringing my groceries in from the garage, I love that Trevor gets home from work earlier, I love it all.

I want to add some personal thoughts here, too.  I have hesitated to share my personal religious beliefs online.  I usually only share my testimony in church settings or with family or close friends.  I feel like it is important to share my beliefs in an appropriate setting, where the Holy Ghost can confirm truths to the heart of the listener.  I worry that sharing my beliefs online will take what is sacred and make it common or profane.  However, prophets of God have encouraged us to testify of truths in this setting, so I want to share  some of my thoughts as of late.  For the past several months, I have felt overwhelmingly blessed.  We have so much to be thankful for, and I know that God is the source of our blessings.  I have noticed His hand blessing our little family in big and tiny ways, and it makes me feel so, so grateful.  When we were building our house, Trevor posted a picture of it on facebook.  He felt a little embarrassed when some friends from his mission in Brazil commented on the photo, amazed that we would be living in such a nice, big house.  "No one from my mission lives in a house as nice as this," he told me.  It was another reminder to me of how blessed we are.  Then, last week on my way home from the temple, I gazed at several huge, gorgeous, expensive homes as I drove past.  I started feeling slightly envious and began thinking of the simple, puny starter home I was returning to.  Moments later, I snapped out of my jealous haze and realized how eager Satan is to make us unhappy with our lot.  Comparison certainly can be a tool of the devil, and can replace our gratitude with greed.  I have so much to be thankful for, and the most wonderful things in my life will never be taken from me: my family and my knowledge of the Gospel.  May I never forget to be grateful.