Monday, July 23, 2012


Making curtains for our family room and dining room was a lengthier project than I anticipated.  Basically, the stars had to align for me to have time to sew them.  First off, I needed a large, clean, kid-free space to lay out the fabric for measuring and cutting.  I planned to push the kitchen table against a wall and use the floor in the dining area, but I had to sweep and mop thoroughly (when is the floor under the kitchen table ever clean?), and I had to work in the evening when the kids were sleeping so they wouldn't interfere/make a mess/get burned by the iron, etc.  Of course, in the evenings, I am usually either busy or exhausted.  And with Trevor working a lot more hours this summer, the kids have been staying up later so they get to see him before bedtime.  Anyway, it took almost 2 weeks for me to finish them, and another few days for us to hang them up, but I am happy to say that they are done!  And I even like them. :)  We also hung our temple picture above the fireplace.  Our house is shaping up!

Pay no attention to the adorable, happy children...

I used these tutorials for the drapes and they were both very helpful: 

And I used this website for the canvas print of the temple, and I was really impressed by the company: