Monday, September 22, 2008

Just for Grandma

Cassie has oh-so-wonderful grandmas who see her not-quite-often enough. Here is a blog post just for them, filled with pictures and videos of their little princess.

All right, mom. Let's get this show on the road.

Proof that Cassie can roll over. She's a champ- 5 seconds is her latest record.

Story time with Daddy: hooray for Sandra Boynton!

Showing off her strong neck muscles during tummy time.

Here is Cassie discovering a new friend in the bathroom mirror.

Trevor is already teaching Cassie how to play the piano. Isn't she good?

When we don't give her a toy, she likes to play with her toes. She's not quite coordinated enough to get them to her mouth, but she tries hard.

Cassie, AKA "The Turbanator," says "Hasta la vista!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hair...and Fuzz

At last, the long-awaited haircut picture has arrived! Several people have said using a round brush while blow drying is the best way to style swoopy bangs, so I plan to purchase a round brush soon. Also, I'm going back to the salon to have them fix a few things. (They didn't do anything wrong, I was just in a rush to get home, so they didn't have time to style it. After I styled it, I realized I wanted shorter bangs and the rest of my hair thinned.)
As long as you're looking at pictures of my hair, I thought you'd like to look at Cassie's. Well, Cassie doesn't exactly have hair...she has wispy fuzz that sticks straight up. I had a hard time getting a picture of it because it's so light and thin. Cassie's latest milestone is rolling over! I set her on her back yesterday, left the room for a minute, and when I came back she was having tummy time. Unfortunately, she's not a big fan of tummy time, so she gets upset when she rolls herself over. Here are some of the latest and greatest pictures of our little munchkin:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Sampler

Today I feel like posting but I'm not sure what to post. So here is an assortment of recent thoughts and news items:
1. I wish I was an eloquent writer. My excuses for being a boring writer (I haven't taken a writing class since 2003! and I graduated from college two years ago! and I taught middle school for the last two years of my life, where the writing is anything but inspiring!) are moot, since many of the people whose writing I admire could make the same excuses. But I want to get better, and I'm excited for a forum to improve: Mommy Salon. Thanks to Alicia and Kristy for inviting me.
2. I cut my hair. It's really not much shorter or more layered than my last haircut, but this time I got bangs. Help! I haven't figured out how to style them yet. Mind you, these are "side bangs," the kind that are supposed to stay effortlessly swept to the side of your face. Any tips?
3. Cassie hit what I think was a growth spurt this weekend. I fed her every hour on Friday and nearly as much on Saturday. Crazy kid! I like her a lot.
4. Trevor and I got married around Christmas time, and as part of a gift basket for our wedding, someone gave us red and green Christmas-tree shaped pasta. I didn't make it after we got married, because, well, it wasn't Christmas season anymore. Then I forgot that it was sitting in our pantry. Months ago, Trevor pointed to it and accused me of being the kind of person that would only make Christmas pasta in December. Well, I WAS the kind of person that would only make Christmas pasta in December...until now! Trevor came home from a meeting on Saturday to find said pasta boiling on the stove. Eat that! (pun intended)