Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Times

It's Friday night and Trevor is on a flight to China. For two weeks. Without me. So instead of moping, I thought I'd blog. (And don't worry, I've got some fun plans for myself...look out, Kristy and Alicia!)

We spent last weekend with Trevor's family because his brother Rialey got home from his mission on Friday. The family's all together again!

Oh, the anticipation...

Still has the missionary glowSiblings
Rialey was greeted by an army of munchkins at the airport-
4 new nieces in the last 2 years!

Had to post this one- the two newest nieces showing the results of two very different diets. :)
Highlights of the trip:
Staying up WAY too late talking
Cassie's first taste of popsicle (BIG hit)
Rialey wearing a fanny pack
Family pictures (with 4 kids under the age of 2...yeah)
The boys going shooting
Holding my own in a game of lightning with the boys
Taja's senior piano recital