Sunday, August 24, 2008


Everyone says time flies when you have a new baby, but I would have readily disagreed with that about two months ago at 3 am. Now that Cassie sleeps regularly at night, time is definitely flying. It's crazy to think about how many milestones Cassie has reached in one month! Here are a few.

The bi-annual Cropper family reunion was held at a cabin outside Grace, Idaho a few weeks ago. It was a BIG cabin, but my mom's family is BIGGER. I have 36 cousins, 28 of us are married, and most of us have kids...suffice it to say there were plenty of little ones running around, and lots of people were outside in tents. And now for Cassie's first milestone: sleeping in a cabin full of noisy people just as well as she sleeps at home, (drumroll, please) even with no doors between rooms. She's a champion.

Here she is bundled up for the Cropper family talent show- her first night in the mountains!
She also survived an evening around the campfire, a horse-drawn carriage ride, and a chuckwagon dinner up the canyon.

Another milestone: Cassidy Taja Hawkes is now officially on the records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And she looked stunning in her Aunt Taja's blessing dress, I must say.

We're thinking about dumping the name "tummy time" for a more appropriate description: "fist-sucking time." Let's be honest with ourselves, that's what it really is these days. Here is one of the more impressive displays of fist-sucking: (doesn't it sound like an Olympic sport?)

Cassie has also started talking this month and is quite the conversationalist. She knows how to keep your interest and she isn't afraid to let you know how she really feels. If you're okay with hearing my cheesy baby talk, check out this sample: (she gets a tad grumpy near the end)

Cassie has discovered a new "friend" in the mirror! She gets excited when she sees herself and usually grins...and when her friend grins back, it triggers another grin, etc. We captured it on video:

Can you tell how long and thin she is? She's in the 95th percentile for height and 43rd for weight. Don't ask us how she got to be that shape, it simply baffles us. :) Maybe she'll be a model someday. Check out her latest fashion statement: bunny slippers!
And while we're mentioning milestones, let's just throw out one of Trevor's: current record holder for number of water balloons caught at the traditional Cropper family water balloon launching activity. Seriously, he was amazing.