Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can you tell I'm pregnant?

This is me at 15 weeks (one week ago). I had a funny experience at school about a month ago. Before I told my students that I was pregnant, I felt like I was starting to show a little (around 11 weeks). I had a student in one of my classes tell me that I looked pregnant in front of the whole class. I was embarrassed because I realized I was definitely starting to show, and she was embarrassed because she thought she had really offended me and that I wasn't pregnant. Poor dear. At least she'll be more tactful in the future. I told all of the students about a week later that I was, in fact, pregnant.
I realized my last post was kind of negative about being pregnant, so I better let everyone know that we're very happy and excited about this new little one in our life! Everyone seems to think it's a boy, including Trevor and me...but can you really be sure? We'll find out in about a month. I'm really looking forward to feeling the baby move. Sometimes I just need the assurance that he/she is still alive in there.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Long Time No Post

With so much to share, I'm sorry I haven't updated our blog lately. Let's be honest though- I've been busy! Sometimes it's hard to find time to blog. :)
Our latest new is...I'm pregnant! We're expecting a baby on May 28th of next year. I think the pregnancy is actually a big reason why I haven't had time to blog lately: pregnancy can sure make you sick and tired! When I come home at the end of the day, I usually just want to sleep. Right now I'm trying to do more than I probably should on top of teaching middle school. My plan is to stop taking my current evening class so I have a little more time and energy for the things I want to do come January.
We had a great Thanksgiving break in Trevor's hometown of Oakley, Idaho (Good food, good people, and a lot of sleeping in). We are so excited for Christmas break! So many things to look forward to- Trevor's birthday (December 24th), Christmas (of course), and our first anniversary (December 29th)! Any anniversary suggestions? We want to do something special but we're not super creative. Let us know if you have any ideas. I'm also excited to be little Suzy homemaker and bake holiday-shaped sugar cookies for our neighbors.
I hope to post again before Christmas, but since my record isn't so good, I'll just wish you all a Merry Christmas right away! Thanks for your love and friendship, and may your holidays be joyful and relaxing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

East Coast Pics

Lucy at Independence Hall

Classic- hot dog and pretzel in New York

Manhattan Temple

Washington Monument, D.C.

First Real Post: East Coast!

Well, here it is. I thought the first post should be very interesting, so I have decided to write about our trip to the East coast that we took at the beginning of August. We flew into Philadelphia on a Monday afternoon and out on a Saturday morning, but still had time to see Washington D.C., downtown Philly, New York, and even do some shopping. :) It was kind of a whirlwind.

My brother Thom picked us up in Philly (he and his family moved there recently) and, with great generosity that is very characteristic of he and his wife, let us borrow one of their cars to drive down to D.C. We met my cousin Janene and her ward FHE group on the mall, where we watched "Wait Until Dark" on a big screen with the Nation's capitol building lit up in the background. What a sight! We stayed the night with Aunt Linda and Uncle Kurt (Janene's parents), who live in northern D.C. They have had a lot of family visitors since they moved there...this was my second time staying with them. Aunt Linda was a trooper and came with us to the Smithsonian Museums we visited on Tuesday. We tried to cram everything into one day, and we really did manage to see a lot, including the Washington D.C. temple, which we stopped by on our way back to Philly on Tuesday night.

Long story short, we got slightly lost on the way back to Thom an Sarah's, and wandered in at 2 am. They were very generous, again, and let us occupy their bedroom while we stayed with them.

The next day we visited downtown Philly, where we saw the Liberty Bell and went on a tour of Independence Hall. It's pretty great to be in a room where great men did great things. On Thursday, we went to Valley Forge (it really is amazing that we won the Revolutionary Ward) and the largest mall on the East Coast (no sales tax on clothes or shoes!). Thom and Sarah fed us really well, and Lucy (their adorable daughter) entertained us by making us "cookies" and putting stickers all over herself.

Our final destination (and the one I was most excited about) was New York! Thom, Trevor, and I left on Friday morning. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get to our destination, but one hour of that was the six blocks from the Lincoln tunnel to our parking garage. Thom was really a champion at driving in the Big Apple! Those cab drivers are ruthless... We spent most of the day on 5th avenue and saw some amazing specialty stores: the NBA store (giant Lego version of Kevin Garnett!), the Disney store, the M&M store, Toys R Us (giant Ferris Wheel INSIDE the store), Saks ($500 for a tie on clearance), Tiffany's (doormen for the elevators, $11,000 engagement rings, etc.). We saw a few of the classics, too- Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Plaza, Statue of Liberty, etc. We even managed a glimpse at the temple. I sure wish we had time to see Wicked, but our flight left at 6 am on Saturday. I will see Wicked someday!

If you read this whole thing, way to endure. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh Boy....

I've officially entered the world of blogging. Yikes. I'm not sure yet that I'll even tell people that I've entered the world of blogging. Once this blog gets exciting enough to share, I'll tell.