Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ah, Spring Break

Hooray for Spring Break! This is the first time in my life that I've had a week-long Spring Break, and it was just what I needed. Here's what I did that week (April 14th-18th):

1. Had my first contractions...yikes! I woke up early Monday morning feeling really uncomfortable but didn't pinpoint that it was Braxton Hicks contractions until about 6 am. It actually made me feel really sick and I couldn't keep much food down all day. Fortunately, my mom was with me all day and took care of me. She had already planned to come down and help me clean and get the baby's room ready, which leads to thing number 2...

2. Got the baby's room ready...hooray! Actually, my mom did a lot of the work (thanks, mom!). We got everything out of our second bedroom and fit it in our storage space really easily. I got all the baby stuff organized and in drawers or hung in the closet, so I'm feeling a lot better prepared. Now the room is exclusively baby stuff, minus the computer desk in the corner.

3. Spent a lot of money...oh boy. First off, let me make it clear that some of it was gift money from a baby shower and I was buying things we need before she arrives. We bought a "dresser" (stackable drawers) and put it in the baby's closet, I found a perfect little table/bookshelf for the baby's room at Savers, and I went to the Park City outlets with my sister-in-law to buy baby clothes. And the biggest purchase of all...we bought a digital piano! It has a full-sized keyboard with weighted keys, it looks a lot like an upright piano, and it has NICE headphones. Even though my birthday isn't until June, the piano is my birthday gift for this year. The spending doesn't stop there: we're planning on buying a glider rocking chair in the next few weeks so I have somewhere to rest during late-night feedings. :)

4. Hung out with my old roommate...good times! My roommate Danielle, who recently returned from her mission, came to Provo to visit and check out the job prospects before she returns to school in the fall. We had a good time reminiscing and walking around campus, which has changed a LOT since we were there last.