Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Exciting things are happening in our neck of the woods! Trevor just got a full-time job with an engineering company in Sandy and we found a new place to live. Trev started yesterday, and he'll be commuting for a few weeks before we move. I'm trying to pack and clean a few things every day so I'm not overwhelmed in the days before we move. So far so good.
Is it okay to brag about one's husband? I'm just so proud of him. Let's just say that the company he works for didn't have any job openings until they saw his resume. They basically created a job so they could have him. Mmmmmm-hmm.
Also, I am giddy with the thought of having a new space to decorate and maybe even *gasp* money to spend on decorating. Any favorite design blogs/stores/ideas? Do share.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Last month I had the brilliant idea of teaching Cassie when her birthday is: "Dune Fif." It may have been a little early, though. I think I've created a monster. She likes to talk about her birthday, what kind of "pehsents" she wants, and she has worked very hard at holding two fingers up and saying "two!" Last week, Cassie announced to the cashier at the grocery store, "my birsday is coming up!" I can hardly get her to say "hello" when we see someone we know, but she happily announced her birthday to a stranger and immediately set to work holding her pinky and ring finger down (it takes her a minute) to show her age. A few days later, we had this conversation:
"I wanna dinosoh fo my birsday!"
"A dinosaur?"
nodding "An' a fog."
"A dinosaur and a frog?"
Where does she come up with these things? She also requested water for her birthday, and I told her I thought we could make that happen. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh, Cassie

As I may have mentioned before on this blog, Cassie is hilarious. Not intentionally, although I think she's starting to realize since we laugh at the things she does all the time.

Like any toddler, Cassie likes to go pants-free sometimes (not diaper-free, mind you. too risky). When she wants to take her pants off, she tells me "I wanna weaw my wegs" or "I wanna weaw my knees." And when she takes her socks of, she's says "I'm weawing my feet!" It's cute.

Cassie currently says yes to any question you ask her. She doesn't think about it, she just immediately responds with a "yeah." As a test, Grandma Hawkes asked her a few weeks ago if she would scrub all the toilets, and Cassie said, "yeah!" As of last night, there is now one question that she will answer "no" to: "Do we color on the walls?" I bet you can guess what prompted us to teach her that the answer to that question is no. Luckily for us, her artwork was on a non-porous wall surface (those silly pillars that stick out of the bedroom walls, for those of you familiar with the apartments where we live) and scrubbed off fairly easily.

I had another big mess to clean up this morning (too soon after the crayon-on-wall incident last night). I opened the fridge for Cassie to get her sippy cup of milk, and she said she wanted juice instead. I explained that her juice sippy was empty, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and lift the entire pitcher of juice out of the fridge (right when I turned around, of course). And of course, because it was completely full, she dropped it immediately. Juice everywhere. Argh.

Mostly though, she makes us laugh.