Monday, December 15, 2008


Cassie's personality is starting to emerge, and I wanted to document what we've noticed and what others have said about her. Some words that describe her:
That's how the pediatrician put it at her 6 month appointment. Cassie grabbed her stethoscope, her hair, the tassle on her get the idea. If something is within her reach, she reaches for it and puts it straight in her mouth. The pediatrician mentioned that Cassie has the strength to sit up, but not the patience. She's constantly moving around. Today I left her on the floor of the apartment happily playing with a toy while Trevor napped and I moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer. When I came back, I couldn't see her anywhere. I panicked for a moment until I heard her cooing...she had rolled across the room and was happily playing under the couch.
Ironically, the pediatrician asked me, "Is she always this mellow?" at her 4 month appointment. Cassie happily and quietly looked around the room and played with a toy, and was very patient as the doctor checked her out. The eye doctor was also impressed at how tolerant she was when he shone a light in her eyes. She stared right back at him when he expected her to squirm away from the light like most kids do. I think "easy going" is a better way to describe her. She isn't easily bothered or scared by loud noises and she loves to be surprised.
Let's just say we don't usually get to stay in our meetings at church. She loves to talk.

When she wants to, Cassie can stay focused on one thing for a long time. This is especially true when she's trying to grab something that's just out of her reach.

We sure love our little Cassie!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tag: Everything Comes in Eights

8 TV Shows I Like to watch:
The Office
American Idol
So You Think You Can Dance
And, since that's all, here are some I liked as a kid:
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and most other Saturday morning cartoons)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

8 Restaurants I like to eat at:
Macaroni Grill
Olive Garden

8 Things that happened today:
Cassie woke up at her normal time and is on her normal nap schedule. Whew!
I finally got some of the professional pictures of Cassie developed
I bought food for tomorrow's ward party
I made dinner (I love crock pots)
Trev joined Club Tucanos
I practiced some piano music
We opened a package from Trevor's grandma- pajamas for all three of us!
Cassie and I looked around at Gymboree (didn't buy anything)

8 Things I am looking forward to:
Christmas break!
Trevor being a graduate student
Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert tonight
Having a real house
Cassie having hair
Surprises on Christmas morning- for everyone :)
Snow that sticks enough to make a snowman
Getting a new calling (I just got released as Primary President, and I'm excited to see what I'll be doing next!)

8 Things on my wish list:
New cell phone
Washer and dryer
A trendy new shirt
A real crib for Cassie (she sleeps in a pack n' play- actually, it's pretty convenient, but she's already getting so big...)
A Christmas tree
Seasons 1-4 of The Office on DVD

8 People to tag:
I hate choosing people to tag. I'm afraid some people don't like being tagged and others sit at the computer waiting to be tagged. If you want to do this tag, go for it!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving update

Well, my goal was to post something gratitude-themed every day until Thanksgiving, but obviously that didn't work out. I was too distracted by being around my wonderful family! Here's what I did instead:

Monday, November 24th: Waited anxiously for by brother and his family to come to Provo. They live on the other side of the country, and I hadn't even met my little 14-month-old nephew Andrew until they walked in the door. We took a walk down memory lane to BYU campus. Here's their cute family:

Tuesday, November 25th: Packed up everything but the kitchen sink (it really felt like it) and drove to my parents' house. Trev came later that night with my younger brother. I left my parents' house while Cassie was napping (oh, the perks of having so many people around during the holidays!) to shop for an umbrella stroller, which we used to walk the kids to the park that afternoon. Cassie got excited just seeing all the older children on the playground and was itching to go play. Grandma was happy to have her grandchildren around. She kept saying, "I'm in Grandma heaven!"
Wednesday, November 26th: Hmmm....I can't remember. Maybe this was the day we played some tough games of Mexican Train dominoes and Ticket to Ride. I'm sure there was plenty of lounging around, too.

Thursday, November 27th: Food, glorious food! We ate a lot of it.
And after Thanksgiving:

Friday, November 28th: Woke up at 3:30 am to go shopping, of course! Actually, this was my second year participating in Black Friday, and I really couldn't pass up the amazing deals. I think I'm hooked. It's just so satisfying to look at your receipt and know you paid about a fourth of the normal cost. Some advice for future Black Friday-ers: don't bother going to Walmart. It's absolute madness and the first people to walk in the door buy an armful of whatever is on sale, so you're lucky if you find anything. There were no parking spaces, no shopping carts, and the main aisles in the store were jam-packed. Anyway, after Kohl's and Walmart, I got home before anyone else was awake and went back to sleep. Trevor and I went out shopping again later and bought our Christmas gift: a 32" LCD High Definition TV. Woohoo! Our extended family Thanksgiving party was Friday, too. It was fun to see so many cousins and shower my sister-in-law Sarah with baby gifts for number 3, who's arriving in February.

Saturday, November 29th: Trevor and I attended the temple together for the first time since April. (again, the perks of having babysitters during the holidays) It was so nice to be together and feel so peaceful. We met Trevor's family on Temple Square in Salt Lake that night and looked at the beautiful Christmas lights. My favorite addition this year is a white nativity right in the middle of the reflecting pool by the temple. Beautiful! Here is a picture of the nativity from behind (we were in a hurry and didn't go to the other side of the pool):
Our little family
Sunday, November 30th: Took pictures of the grandkids in their Sunday clothes. How cute!
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week:
Cassie grinning for her Daddy

Lucy making a delicious cannibal soup on the play stove (yes, those are little people in the pot)