Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

We all love you around here, especially little Cassie.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

funny baby, smart husband (aren't I lucky?)

We were leaving town for the Labor Day weekend, Trevor driving, me in the passenger seat, Cassie in her car seat. While we waited at a stop light, Trevor asked me, "Do you know the people behind us?" I looked in the mirror to see a young couple in a minivan, smiling and waving at us. I smiled, thinking they must be friends or family...but I didn't recognize either of them. Weird. I contemplated waving back. They obviously thought they knew us. Then I heard an "Eye!" (Hi!) and glanced back at Cassie. She had a perfect view of the couple from her rear-facing car seat, and she was grinning and waving at them. We just laughed while Cassie kept them entertained for the next few stop lights.

In other news, I have an amazing husband. I have so many reasons to be glad that we're married, and I could write a post about how much I appreciate him and how well-suited to each other we are. But I just want to say that I'm proud of him for his recent accomplishments. He just got hired by a structural engineering company doing real (!) engineering for 20 hours a week. This is potentially a full-time job when he finishes his Masters next year, but even if that doesn't work out, it's great real-world experience. On top of that, after holding our breath for several months, unsure of whether there would be any money available for graduate scholarships, Trevor received a full-tuition scholarship for this semester! *sigh of relief* He's awesome.