Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun Times

Stuff that happened this week:

Trevor's parents and sister Taja came to town on Saturday for a surprise party for his mom's sister, Ruth.

We all went to our place after the party and watched a few hours of 24 (yup, still hooked) before going to bed.

Trev's parents left in the morning and Taja stayed because she just can't get enough of us. We all went on a walk on Sunday afternoon and Cassie made a new best friend.

Trevor had his last college class on Monday! (Can I get a *woot woot?*)

Cassie discovered a new favorite activity:

For Family Home Evening on Monday, we played the "couch-camera game." (Shout out to my freshman roomies!) This game is ridiculously fun and you must play it sometime. Let me 'splain. We each had an object to hide in a certain room of the apartment. For instance, I had an apple to hide in the kitchen and Trevor had a magnet to hide in the bathroom. Once we had hidden our objects, we met in the family room where we had the camera set up facing the couch. We set the camera to timer mode then hurried to find the object that someone else had hidden (I was looking for the magnet Trevor hid in the bathroom). Our goal was to find the object and get back onto the couch before the camera went off. Here's a sampling of pictures:

P.S. We keep Cassie's toys under the couch. On purpose. We are not slobs.

After eating giant hamburgers for lunch and pizza for dinner on Monday, Emily woke up feeling pretty yucky on Tuesday. Thank heavens Taja was here! She took care of Cassie all day.

Trevor's parents drove back into town on Tuesday evening for the championship game of Trevor's intramural basketball tournament, which, by the way, they won. That's right. Out of 164 teams. As Cassie would say, "Oh yeah, baby."

Finished season 2 of 24.

Emily got in touch with her crafty/artistic side and made invitations to a baby shower for her sister-in-law.

Emily's brother came home from an internship in Peru. A nicely timed internship, I might add: he is nicely browned from the southern-hemisphere summer, and is looking forward to the upcoming northern-hemisphere summer.

Trevor and Emily went on a date! They ate at Carrabba's, which they highly recommend. Especially the Rigatoni Martino. Mmmm.