Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mostly pics

Life is busy with two! Hence the lack of posting. Enjoy some pictures of the last few months:
Cassie chose Benson's outfit and was so proud! Then she wanted to lie down on a blanket like him.
Her hair is getting longer! This day we did pigtails with braids.
Cassie earned a trip to our awesome new rec center by filling out a potty chart. She got a sticker every time she used the bathroom in a timely manner. Basically, she was dawdling in the bathroom and we were trying to get her in the habit of getting in and out without wasting time. Recently she has learned that if she wets her underwear on purpose, she gets to change clothes (how exciting! 2 [or 3! or 4!] outfits in one day!). Grrrr. Any suggestions?
They didn't quite make it all the way down the slide and ended up walking off. Pretty funny. :)
This was cute- Benson was riveted on this picture of Christ in our front room. No matter where Trevor moved him, his eyes stayed on the picture.

Benson's blessing day. More pictures coming in a future post.
Smiling pictures! The last two are just so accurate. He spits up a lot, so his shirt is always wet, and we always keep a burp cloth underneath him. He also usually smiles with a big, wide-open mouth while he waves his arms and kicks his legs. He's such a happy little guy!