Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silly Cassie

Cassie likes to shorten her words to one syllable. Too bad I can only remember a few examples right now:
buttons=butts (tee hee)
Benson=Bence (we often call him this, too)

She also struggles saying "spaghetti." (Don't we all at some point?) Right now she calls it "baskehbadee" and I think it's adorable. I got mad at Trevor when he played "speech therapist" the other day and got her to say it correctly. She's only two, for crying out loud! Let her have some cute speech problems. Luckily, his therapy didn't last too long- she's saying it wrong again. :)

Lately Cassie has been talking about what she will be like when she's a mommy. She mostly focuses on how she will be bigger: "my eyes will be SO big!" and "my teeth will be SO big!" My personal favorite: "When I'm a mom, I will make you dinner!" Deal.

One evening this week when Trevor was putting her to bed, Cassie wanted to whisper a story in Trevor's ear. She started, "One day, there was a beautiful girl named Cassie..." and proceeded to tell him about her day.

Cassie is very sweet with Benson and a very willing helper. She is a pro at putting his pacifier back in his mouth, at grabbing a clean burp cloth (she does this on her own sometimes when she notices that I need one. So thoughtful!), and she likes to pat his back when I'm burping him. She pays attention to the way we talk to him, and sometimes I hear her saying things like, "It's okay, bud" in a little high-pitched voice. How sweet.

We love our Cassie!