Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hospital Family Pictures

I wish I could say this was an original idea, but I stole it from a friend of mine.  She had a photographer come and take pictures when her daughter came to the hospital to meet her new baby brother for the first time. The pictures were adorable, and I decided that I really wanted to do the same when our baby #3 arrived.  My neighbor and friend, Natalie, is just starting out with photography and she was totally willing and excited to take the photos. She was so wonderful to work with! She asked me for examples of what I was looking for and even did a lot of research on her own to come up with great ideas for the photo shoot. I highly recommend taking family photos this way! Yes, I was exhausted and I didn't look my best, and the pictures were taken in a hospital room, but it is so special to have this beautiful family experience captured in high-quality photos! I also love our matching-outfits, styled-hair, beautiful-scenery, perfect-poses family pictures, but they don't get me teary-eyed like these ones.

The original plan was to have Natalie take the photos the day Capri was born, when the kids first came to meet her.  But since baby Capri was born in the evening, we decided to have Natalie come the next day when Trevor brought the kids for a visit.  So technically this wasn't their first time seeing their baby sister, but I think Natalie captured that feeling anyway.  I limited myself to 25 pictures...and it was hard! Enjoy!


Marie said...

Very cute! I gave my mom & Dan a sheet of photos I wanted when Warren arrived, but something like this would be much easier for round 2 :)

Justin and Carissa said...

Love them! Your family is so precious.