Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend trip

We went to our nephew's baby blessing in Rexburg a few weeks ago.  We headed out on Saturday morning, stopped in Centerville and ate lunch with my parents, then stopped in Idaho Falls to play with Trevor's brother's family and some other family that stopped to visit.  Cassie loves playing with her cousins!

Saturday evening:

Our kids were pooped after playing for hours with their cousins, but of course it took a few hours for them to fall asleep once we got to the hotel in Rexburg.  And then they woke up super early on Sunday...

Sunday morning:
Baby Emmitt and his fan club

At the park:

Cassie started feeling really sick on Sunday (as you can see in the picture above- she wrapped up in a blanket after lunch and fell asleep).  She had a fever, no appetite, and was lethargic and sad.  She slept for most of the drive home, but when she wasn't sleeping, she cried because she wanted to be lying down in a bed.  Poor baby.  We just tried to keep her hydrated and get home as quickly as we could.  So the drive home was a little stressful, and felt pretty long without all the stops we made on the way to Rexburg, but we made it home and Cassie felt much better on Monday.

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