Monday, January 28, 2013

The goose is getting fat...

Once all of the shopping and parties and neighbor gifts and performances were over, it was so fun to just relax and enjoy Christmas with our family.

Christmas Eve is Trevor's birthday, and admittedly, I don't always make it an awesome day for him.  But this year I was a rock star.  I surprised him by organizing a pick up basketball game with some of his friends at our church in the morning.  While he was gone, I got some teenage boys in the ward to come over and help assemble the ping pong table I had sneakily bought for him and hid in the basement!  Some side notes: Huge thanks to my awesome neighbors, Harold and Stephanie, for helping me get the ping pong table from the seller to said basement hiding spot!  Also, I should mention that Trevor is really into ping pong.  He has been playing during his lunch hour at work for the last year-and-a-half and is getting way too good.  He recently beat me while playing left-handed.  Anyway, Trevor was very surprised and happy about both basketball and the ping pong table, and said he felt spoiled, which he deserved. :)

Christmas Eve evening we spent with my family:
 Benson and Topher (love his hair!)

Acting out the nativity
  Mary: Gimme that!

This wise man brought hot wheels.

 The birthday boy with his oreo "cake"

 The newlyweds!

 I love this one!

Our first Christmas morning with just our little family was so much fun!  We were all spoiled!  Really, I'm thinking about scaling it back a little next year.

Not too messy for an "after" picture!  We were good about putting the wrapping paper in a garbage bag.

Christmas afternoon with my family again:
 Dress-ups from Grandma!
 Trucks from Grandma!  Or "brrm brrms," according to Benson. 

We felt so, so blessed this Christmas, especially because of our wonderful family, friends, and neighbors.  We love you and appreciate you all very much!

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Marie said...

Dan will be quite envious of that birthday surprise when I tell him. H LOVES ping pong and seriously misses being able to play on campus.